Project:  Mickley Chesterfield
Application: EPS Silicone textured finish and brick slips.
Area:  Derbyshire
Date:  2015
Installer or contractor: Sustainable Building Systems
System Designer: Permarock/Wetherby Building Systems
The installation of 558 council-owned properties in Chesterfield.
The project entailed installing external wall insulation and weatherproof decorative render to a mixture of houses and low-rise blocks, all of which were originally built with solid walls and therefore exhibited poor heat retention. The installation of EWI would substantially improve the buildings' energy efficiency ratings and would therefore improve residents' quality of life.

Associated adaptation works included the renewal of fascias and soffits, the extension of pipes, sills and central heating vents, and the installation of new fibreglass canopies to some properties.

The contractor was chosen  on the basis of best value, quality assurance and its commitment to ensuring that its work would deliver important social benefits - including creating local jobs and training opportunities wherever possible. Prior to the commencement of works, the company also began recruiting local tenant liaison officers who would facilitate communications with residents and provide a constant 'on the ground' presence - answering any questions, helping to prevent 'no-access' delays.

Speed and quality of work, such that all 558 of the initially selected properties were completed - five months ahead of schedule. 
The contractor and system designer were also able to help the local authority by bringing in additional funding.

In January 2016, the scheme was named a finalist in the 'Project of the Year' category of the annual BCEM Awards. 
“We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your company on a job well done. When told what the job would entail and how long it would take, we were really worried about the upset and mess that would be created, but the whole workforce is a credit to the company. Any problems were swiftly sorted out, and the work rate was amazing and the mess negligible, with Karen the RLO always on hand to continually check everything was to our liking and to update us on what was going on and what would happen next. The standard of workmanship is out of this world. So a big THANK YOU to you all and again well done. 10/10.” -Mr & Mrs P, Residents

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