Installer Membership

Installer Registration - Apply To Become An Installer Member.

Membership only costs £300 PA but, in order to display the SWIGA logo of quality you’ll first need to complete the application form and meet the stringent technical, quality and procedural requirements that go with such a seal of trust.

Part 1 – Approved Installer Member Requirements

To become an Approved Installer of the Agency and to maintain its membership, a person, partnership, or company must be admitted to the “Register of Members” and be able to continually demonstrate ability to adhere to the following requirements; 

1. General
For membership to be considered applicants must; 
  • Be a UK domiciled legal entity
  • Be approved to install the systems by a System Certificate Holder member.
  • Have its Application for Membership as an Installer endorsed by the relevant SCH Member and formally submitted to SWIGA agreeing to allow appropriate investigation and assessments.
  • Be willing to have its application reviewed by SWIGA’s technical resources, leading to a recommendation for acceptance, conditional acceptance or rejection.
  • Be willing to have its application considered and endorsed by the SWIGA Board, leading to acceptance, conditional acceptance or rejection.
  • Be willing to pay an initial and annual registration fee as set by the board from time to time.
  • Be willing to cooperate with and submit to a technical audit or assessment that the SWIGA Board may deem necessary and prescribe.
  • Apply for a Guarantee for all installations where the installation satisfies the Schemes requirements.
  • At all times comply with all elements of the SWIGA Surveillance Scheme.
  • Maintain sufficient resources and manpower to undertake the duties for all aspects of SWIGA membership.
2. Installation
In respect of site operatives there is a requirement to: 
  • Comply at all times with the SWIGA Surveillance scheme training requirement
  • Advise the SCH of trainee Operatives and submit them to Manufacturer training and assessment in each of the three stages of installation and carry out such additional training or retraining courses as appropriate.
  • Ensure there is a minimum of one competent, carded operative to every two operatives on a site and that the SWIGA surveillance scheme ratios of competency for operatives are adhered to. During 2021 the operatives will be required to hold, or be on route to a level 2 NVQ.
  • Oversee and inspect all Operatives regularly and sufficiently to provide assurance of their continued competence and comply with the requirements of training within the Surveillance Scheme.
  • Provide all necessary tools and equipment including personal safety equipment in order to undertake the work safely, competently and in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Withdraw an Operative from work where it is shown that an Operative no longer has the capability, intention or competence to undertake the installation of the system in the correct or safe manner.
  • Advise SWIGA of the names and details of competent and carded Operatives.
3. Insurance Cover
The Installer must have in place insurance to cover normal risks affecting their Clients, employees and the public and design where appropriate, With a minimum requirement for 
  • £10m Public and Product liability,
  • £5 million Employers liability.
  • £1m Professional Indemnity.

Installer Registration Form

Public company details
Please include evidence of the following:
  • Insurance
    • PI
    • Public
    • Employee
  • ISO registration
  • PAS certification
Failure to provide the above items will lead to your registration being rejected.
Label Document type * File * Value (If insurance policy) Expiry date Remove
Clear date
System holder registration
System holder * Remove
Your people
Please provide details following people:
  • Main company contact
  • Managing Director
  • Technical Director
  • Other people you want to be able to access the system
Failure to provide details for at least the Managing Director and Technical director will lead to your registration being rejected. The details provided above will be used for creating your initial users. Once approved these people will be sent an email asking them to set a password. Additional users can be requested at a later date.
First name * Last name * Email * Job title - Other Job title * SWIGA mailing list Pre-notification emails High Rise project emails Technical update emails Remove
Installer cards
Please provide installer cards as evidence that your installers are appropriately qualified.
Active Card * Remove
Company logo
Terms and conditions
By ticking the box below you agree that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions detailed in the below documents: