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Park Homes

Park Homes represent a small proportion of dwellings in the UK although they have been included in the Governments plans to benefit from improved energy efficiency via retrofit insulation measures.

Typically, Park Homes are detached bungalow-type homes which are prefabricated in a factory before being transported and permanently sited on rented "pitches" within a private estate. They are designed to be lived in permanently.

Park Homes are not classified as buildings but, in law, they are known as 'mobile homes' and are covered by their own legislation - The Mobile Homes Act 1983. The technical principles of Park Home construction is vastly different to that of the construction of other buildings. They must maintain their ability to be transported in two pieces and have strict rules, outside of National building regulations around the siting, distance between and make up of a Park home.

Ideally, any insulation retrofit will include the walls, roof (where possible) and the underfloor with a focus on the interfaces where this overlap. If only the walls are being insulated it is important to not stress them by dropping the “U” value too low as this will accentuate the inevitable cold bridges at interfaces of the areas not improved.
Park Homes

Maintaining / increasing ventilation is critical as the measures fitted will make the Park Home more airtight so maintaining existing cross ventilation in the roof and ensuring that existing vents in the floors and walls are at least maintained is critical.

There are a lot of additional requirements that should be met before insulating a Park Home, including the relevant permissions from site owner and determining if the existing Park home is in a sufficiently good state to receive energy efficiency improvement measures so using a trained installer who uses tried and tested systems, follows a detailed design and take overall responsibility for all works is vital.

SWIGA only allow contractors that are members, have been trained and carded, use a system suitable for each Park Home type and follow our minimum technical guidance to apply for our guarantees.
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