System Holder Membership

System Holder Registration - Apply To Become A System Holder Member.

Membership only costs £300 PA but, in order to display the SWIGA logo of quality you’ll first need to complete the application form and meet the stringent technical, quality and procedural requirements that go with such a seal of trust.

Part 1 – System Certificate Holder Members requirements(SCH)

To become a System Certificate Holder Member of the Agency and to maintain its membership, a person, partnership, company, body or association must be admitted to the “Register of Members” and be able to continually demonstrate ability to adhere to the following requirements;
1. General
If members, in the unlikely event of a contravention of the code of conduct, sanctions can be taken against them including suspension or indeed for serious breaches, termination of membership
  • Have a UK based operation with a current UK company registration number.
  • Be willing to have its application reviewed by SWIGA’s technical resources, leading to a recommendation for acceptance, conditional acceptance or rejection.
  • Be willing to have its application considered by the SWIGA Board, leading to acceptance, conditional acceptance or rejection.
  • Comply always with the requirements of the Surveillance Scheme and any associated documentation that define requirements, such as the procedure for the assessment and surveillance of installers.
  • Be willing to cooperate with and submit to a technical audit or assessment that the SWIGA Council may deem necessary and prescribe.
  • Be willing to pay an initial and annual registration fee as set by the board from time to time.
Notwithstanding this a SCH member will have to be a UK domiciled legal entity that has net assets more than £1million, or be underwritten by the Parent company whose value is more than the £1m

2. Technical
Hold and maintain the Intellectual property rights to a Solid Wall Insulation System that has been certified by the BBA or other equivalent third party system certification covered by UKAS (or equivalent) accreditation to EN 45011: 1998 for that technology. This certification must include installation requirements and address the relevant UK design, use and Building Regulation provisions.

  • Maintain and have available to the installer full method statements for the application of each certified system.
  • Maintain and supply system specific specifications for each contract completed under the certification.
  • Carry out an initial assessment of all installers put forward as to their competence in installing the system.
  • Hold an up to date and accessible standard detail register for all certified systems.
  • Maintain traceable technical support to the installer.
  • Maintain means of tracing all materials supplied.
  • Not supply not trained, carded and registered installers
  • Endorse any application made by one of SCH installing companies to SWIGA.
  • Maintain a consumer manual including maintenance instructions as defined in the SWIGA QA Framewor
  • Carry out monitoring of contractor base at regular intervals and keep records of their stage photographs
  • In the event of a complaint regarding the system, the system holder will conduct an onsite survey to identify any issues with the system and produce a report for SWIGA. In the event the materials or system holder detailing is at fault, the repairs will be carried out by the system holder, at their cost, should the system holder not undertake the repairs within a reasonable time period (6 weeks) SWIGA will intervene, undertake the repair and pass on all costs including admin costs for carrying out the repair.
3. Insurance Cover
The UK SCH must have in place insurance to cover normal risks affecting their Clients, employees and the public and design where appropriate, With a minimum requirement for;
£10m Public and Product liability,                                                                                                         
£5 million Employers liability                                                                                                                   
£5m Professional Indemnity


System Holder Registration Form

Public company details
Please include evidence of the following:
  • Insurance
    • PI
    • Public
    • Employee
  • ISO registration
  • PAS certification
Failure to provide the above items will lead to your registration being rejected.
Label Document type * File * Value (If insurance policy) Expiry date Remove
Clear date
System certificates
Please provide your system certificate numbers below.
Certificate number * Remove
Your people
Please provide details following people:
  • Main company contact
  • Managing Director
  • Technical Director
  • Other people you want to be able to access the system
Failure to provide details for at least the Managing Director and Technical director will lead to your registration being rejected. The details provided above will be used for creating your initial users. Once approved these people will be sent an email asking them to set a password. Additional users can be requested at a later date.
First name * Last name * Email * Job title - Other Job title * SWIGA mailing list Pre-notification emails High Rise project emails Technical update emails Remove
Company logo
Terms and conditions
By ticking the box below you agree that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions detailed in the below documents: