Protection For Your Solid Wall Insulation System

SWIGA Guarantee

SWIGA guarantees that work is carried out by competent companies offering cover should any of these companies cease trading. Providing the homeowner with complete peace of mind that their solid wall insulation will continue to provide energy saving and comfort to their home for the guarantee period.

SWIGA was established to provide householders with an independent, uniform and dependable guarantee covering professionally installed external wall insulation solutions.
By choosing both a SWIGA system holder and a SWIGA accredited installer member means that all stages of your project will be carried out in accordance with the SWIGA Quality Framework.

The SWIGA Quality Framework ensures that all stages of the work, from survey to design and installation are carried out by competent companies using skilled operatives and that it is guaranteed to meet both the stringent high standards of quality and the requirements of an independent third-party surveillance scheme.

The guarantee itself means that SWIGA will work with the homeowner should there be an issue with their installation. If the contractor or system designer are no longer trading and there is a problem with the installation then SWIGA will arrange for any necessary remedial work to be undertaken to ensure the systems continues to perform for the minimum 25 years life expectancy.
Installation of solid wall insulation is a proven, reliable process and has been established for over 25 years. The SWIGA Quality Framework and Guarantee provides additional peace of mind and access to technical expertise in the event of any defect arising in the design, workmanship or materials.
The Guarantee is only available for work completed by registered SWIGA Installers who install SWIGA System Certificate Holders Solid Wall Insulation systems.
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