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the Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency.
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SWIGA has been established to provide householders and landlords with an independent, uniform and dependable guarantee covering professionally installed External solid wall insulation solutions.

The SWIGA Quality Assurance Framework and Guarantee for solid wall insulation provides additional peace of mind and access to technical expertise in the event of any defect arising in the design, workmanship or materials and is aligned to the current Energy Company Obligation (ECO) requirements for a 25 Year guarantee.

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What is Solid Wall Insulation?

Photograph of a construction worker drilling Solid Wall Insulation to the outside wall of a house

Solid Wall Insulation (SWI) provides a thermal layer for existing buildings that don't have a cavity wall or are classed as non-traditional or hard-to-treat properties.
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SWIGA Membership

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There are two types of SWIGA membership; Certificate Holder Membership and Installer Membership.

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Media & Press

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All media enquiries should be directed through to the SWIGA press office at Provence PR Ltd.

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