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How insulation can help curb Russian gas use

A poll for the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit found that 84% of those asked about the action the Government should take to curb reliance on gas from Russia thought insulation was very or fairly important.

But just four in 10 (41%) thought it was important for the Government to focus on increasing domestic gas production by drilling or fracking, the survey of 1,473 UK adults by YouGov found.

Only by cutting gas use do you boost energy security and cut bills Simon Cran-McGreehin, ECIUNearly three-quarters (73%) thought it was important to provide support to households to install more efficient electric heating systems such as heat pumps.

Seven in 10 backed more gas from other countries such as Algeria, Qatar or the US, while almost as many (69%) thought replacing gas-fired power generation with renewables was key.

There was limited support, at just 31%, for reducing industrial activities, such as shutting factories or cutting their output.

You can view the poll here: http://Britons back insulation as most important route to curb Russian gas use – poll (msn.com)
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