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Details of the scheme’s terms of membership for Certificate Holders can be found within SWIGA’s Members Rules of Conduct. The minimum requirements to be a System Certificate Holder:

  • Be admitted to the “Register of Members” and be able to continually demonstrate the ability to comply with the scheme’s terms of membership.
  • Have a UK based operation, with a current UK company registration number.
  • Have UKAS accredited third party system certification for Solid Wall Insulation Systems that you hold the intellectual property rights for accreditation to EN 45011: 1998 for that technology.
  • Have UK located training and carding facilities.
  • Carry out and maintain a minimum level of monitoring and surveillance with your supply chain.
  • Have a managed supply chain direct to trained and carded contractors only.
  • Comply at all times with the requirements of the SWIGA Surveillance Scheme, Professional Code Of Practice and any associated documentation such as, the procedure for the assessment and surveillance of installers.
  • Have appropriate levels of third party insurance in place.

A copy of our membership application form can be downloaded here or completed electronically below.

Please email details to .