Title:  Mossblown
Application: EPS/Phenolic dash finish
Area:  Ayrshire
Date:  2016
Project:  47 Maisonettes.
Installer or contractor: SERS Scotland
System Designer: Structherm 
Working with the Energy Agency East Ayrshires Council combined there own funding with various grants available to them including ECO, HEEPS (ABS), CESP. To allow this combination of social housing and private properties to be refurbished.

These maisonettes and Dorin panelled semidetached houses had been installed with cavity wall insulation in the 1970’s and were suffering from damp penetration. The only solution was to remove the cavity wall insulation and instate an External wall insulation system. This would not only provide  improved levels of thermal insulation of the  external walls but protect them from any further degradation. Providing an aesthetic finish eliminating the damp problems and creating a warmer home at lower cost to the occupants. 

SWIGA required that a wall tie survey be carried out prior to installation which identified widespread degradation of the wall ties which needed replacing prior to application of the external wall insulation.  

Councillor Douglas Reid, Leader of the Council said: “The results have been so dramatic. The funding has targeted homes in areas that can be fuel poor and it is fantastic to view homes that have benefitted from this improvement programme and talk to homeowners and tenants who are seeing a difference in their energy bills. On average people are saving £270 a year on their heating bills, which is significant for local people.”

The outcome being warm, energy efficient attractive homes that are future proofed for at least the next 25 years.

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