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Brexit advice support from BEIS

By: Sam Bryant   •   January 17, 2019

I am getting in touch today to highlight to you a number of sources of information that the Government has recently made available to help businesses prepare for the UK’s exit from the EU as we wanted to make sure that you and your members are aware of them. Please can you cascade this information to your members to ensure they are aware of these resources. The Government has been clear that it does not want or expect a ‘no deal’ scenario. However, until MPs have voted to approve a deal we will continue to do the responsible thing and prepare for every eventuality, including no deal. In order to mitigate against the risks of no deal, it is important to ensure all businesses have access the most current no deal preparation guidance..


  • The Prepare Your Business for EU Exit tool  is tailored specifically for businesses to help them prepare for EU Exit and navigate through the published information. It includes:
    • Information of what businesses will need to consider under a No Deal scenario;
    • A survey, which will help identify key information for EU Exit relevant to your business;
    • Information grouped into key topics which can be accessed directly if preferred. These include, amongst others:
      • Employing EU citizens,
      • Importing, exporting and transporting,
      • Regulation and standards for products and goods, and
      • Energy and climate change policies


  • The HMRC Partnership pack: Prepare for no deal changes at the UK border is a high-level guide to processes and procedures that are likely to apply to cross-border activity between the UK and the EU in a ‘no deal’ scenario.




If you have further questions or need more guidance on particular areas please do let us know. You can contact us by email to