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In order to become an Installer Member of the Agency, you will need to demonstrate that your organisation has gained Certification in accordance to PAS2030 by a Certification Body recognised by SWIGA for its quality assurance and surveillance framework

You will then need to obtain confirmation that you and/or your operatives are approved to install systems you have been registered for by way of obtaining a ‘Letter Of Recommendation’ from the System Certificate Holder Membership along with proof via training cards that you have undertaken specific system training.

SWIGA guarantees that all work carried out is done so to a high standard and members must be able to demonstrate the ability to adhere to the scheme’s terms of membership which can be found within the SWIGA Members Rules of Conduct document.

You must comply at all times with the requirements of the SWIGA Surveillance Scheme and Professional Code Of Practice.

If you wish to apply for membership a copy of our membership application form can be downloaded here or completed electronically below.

Request Membership Application Pack

Terms & conditions

We agree

  1. To allow SWIGA to make such enquiries, inspections and investigations as may seem necessary for it to assess my/our application and subsequent membership.
  2. To submit, if required, to a technical interview and/or review to be conducted on behalf of the Council to assess my/our technical competence.
  3. To abide by the decision of the Board and Council.
  4. That our details and name may be included on the SWIGA Membership list which may be used on the web-site and for other publicity purposes.
  5. To provide details of Installers who are endorsed to apply our Systems.

In the event of Admission to Membership, We agree to abide at all times by:

  • The Rules of Conduct for SWIGA Members
  • The SWIGA Surveillance Scheme
  • The SWIGA Pre-completion Mediation Service
  • The SWIGA QA Framework
  • The SWIGA Memorandum and Articles of Association

Costs of Membership and Documentation Required

  • One off £300 administration fee
  • Copy of System Certification from BBA or equivalent
  • Details of Insurance Cover
  • Details of Quality Accreditations (ISO 9001)
  • Indication of anticipated Annual completed installations requiring a SWIGA Guarantee

SWIGA will contact you with progress on your application and to request payment of application fee along with the above mentioned information.

Please note that membership will not be progress until all the required documentation and payment has been received.

I agree to the above terms and conditions